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If you want a fence that is durable, yet affordable, try chain link fencing (also called cyclone fencing). Chain link fences are popular with Mill City, OR commercial businesses and homeowners alike because they offer a variety of benefits which make them appealing when installed on both residential and commercial properties, including a variety of appearance options, durability, and reduced maintenance. For all your chain link fence repair and installation needs, look no further than the Mill City, OR chain link fence contractors at F&W Fence Company.
A  chain link fence installation by F&W fence company - chain link fence contractors
A  chain link fence installation by F&W fence company

The Benefits of Chain Link Fencing

  • Affordability and speed of installation is a major reason why people choose chain link fences.
  • Chain link fencing is one of the most durable fencing materials, yet also one of the most inexpensive.
  • Chain link fences provide a security barrier.
  • Chain link fencing can be as tall or as short as you want, as a good first line of security around your entire home or business.
  • Chain link fencing is open and transparent, so you can enjoy a beautiful view with a transparent chain link fence or simply keep an eye on your surroundings.
  • Vinyl slats and coating add a variety of colors as well as privacy. Because they help the chain link blend in, black and grey slats are among the more popular choices.

Chain Link Fence Repairs and Maintenance

Does your chain link fence need some TLC? The following are common problems we are called in to help with:
  • Damaged or loose chain link fencing
  • Bent or cut chain link sections
  • Missing or broken slats
  • Gates that won’t close properly anymore
  • Loose chain link brackets and fixtures
We also carry a full stock of cyclone fence parts for the DIY customer. When you need a chain link fence part or want us to take care of everything as Mill City, OR chain link fence contractors, give us a call.

What Past Customers Say about Our Chain Link Fence Repair & Installation

A  chainlink fence installation by F&W fence company
A  chainlink fence installation by F&W fence company
Great to work with!  My fence looks awesome, called them about fill in piece and they were there within 2 days and fixed it!  Great job and I highly recommend! – Teresa, Google Review
A  chainlink fence installation by F&W fence company
I needed a couple of cyclone gates to span a 13 foot opening. These folks are great! Very helpful, fair price and on-time service. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants the job done right and on time. – Bill, Google Review
A  chainlink fence installation by F&W fence company

F&W Fence Co. Provides Everything You Need from Mill City, Oregon Chain Link Fence Contractors

Quality materials. Services we stand behind. A full spectrum of options. Affordable prices. That’s what you get when you choose Mill City, OR chain link fence contractor like F&W Fence Co.

Chain Link Fence Installation and Repair FAQ

Is chain link fence the cheapest kind of fencing?

In general, a cyclone fence is the cheapest kind of fence to build. The cost per foot for materials is usually lower, and the labor costs are also often lower. Exact prices will depend on the current costs of metal vs. wood in your area. For a wood fence, there may be certain choices you can make with your fence design or material selection to bring the cost lower, just as with a chain link fence there are certain things you can add (coating, vinyl slats) which will increase the cost, making things more equal. The only real way to tell what your overall cost will be is to get an estimate. If you’re in the Mill City, OR area, we encourage you to give us a call or send a communication online.

Does a chain link fence decrease property value?

Fences which are in good condition will almost always increase property value, no matter if they are chain link or otherwise. That said, potential buyers of a property don’t like the look of a chain link fence, particularly in a residential context. You may get a better return on your fencing investment if you choose a higher-end option within the chain link family, or go another route entirely with your fence material selection.

What is the average cost of installing a chain link fence?

Factors that contribute to the overall cost of a fence installation include:
  • Length of fence
  • Need to remove old material
  • Gates
  • Height of the fence
  • Basic material costs
  • Material add-ons (i.e. vinyl slats, vinyl coating)
You can get a general idea of how much it may cost by searching online, but keep in mind that if you’re serious about installing a fence, the only way to know how much the job may cost is to get a free estimate. It’s a painless process, and you’ll quickly learn exactly what you need to know.

Do you sell fence parts for DIY fence repair?

Yes, we are happy to help you find the right parts to match your current chain link fence as best as possible. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.

How long does a chain link fence last?

Galvanized chain link fence material will endure between 15 and 20 years, though it may last longer or not so long depending on environmental conditions in the area.

What are the advantages of vinyl-coated chain link fence?

Vinyl coating does two things: (1) Provides an additional layer of protection for the fence and (2) Changes the appearance of the fence, making it blend in or stand out better, or allowing you to match a particular color of slat.

What should I look for in a chain link fence installation and repair company?

You want Mill City, OR chain link fence contractors that you can be confident in. Look for experience, positive reviews from reliable reviewers, access to a wide selection of materials, and they should also give you a reasonable estimate for the work. That’s not to say they will be the cheapest, but that they should be the best value for your money.

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