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A stylish and durable choice is that of a lifetime vinyl fence. Vinyl fencing is a popular choice with Albany, OR homeowners, offering clean lines, ease of care, and durability. Contact our team of Albany, Oregon vinyl fencing contractors to get your fence solution started with a free estimate!
A  vinyl fence installation by F&W fence company
A  lifetime vinyl fence installation by F&W fence company

Benefits of Vinyl Fences

  • Privacy
  • Although vinyl fencing is offered with opened slats, most vinyl fences are made with closed slats for increased privacy. Vinyl fencing can also be installed in various heights to add additional privacy.
  • Warranty
  • F&W is a Albany, OR vinyl fencing contractor that offers a guarantee. We will personally come and repair your vinyl fence during the warranty period. This means that if your posts are warping, your panels are cracking, or if your fence is simply out of alignment, you can call us and we will come as soon as possible to fix the issues for you! Your Albany, OR vinyl fence installation is meant to last a lifetime.
  • Durability
  • Vinyl fencing is durable. Lifetime vinyl fencing is flexible in harsh elements and more durable than other fencing materials. Occasional repairs and routine cleaning will keep your vinyl fence around for many years.
  • Low-Maintenance
  • Vinyl fencing is almost maintenance-free. Vinyl fencing does not suffer from rotting, rusting, or losing color.
  • Affordability
  • Vinyl fencing is very affordable. Vinyl fencing doesn’t involve a lot of maintenance work and is easy to set up and install, so it is relatively inexpensive to buy as well as maintain.

Vinyl Fencing Repairs

Despite being a durable material choice, vinyl fences still require maintenance to stay at their best. If you have loose or damaged vinyl slats or other pieces, we can get your fence looking like new. For more information or to get an estimate, contact us today.

What Customers Have to Say about Our Vinyl Fence Projects

A  vinyl fence installation by F&W fence company
Just had a vinyl fence put in by F&W Fence. They were great. Last week they set the post in concrete the two guys that came were very friendly and explain everything they were doing. Yesterday they came back and put in the panels. Again great work, friendly, washed the new fence and cleaned up everything. I highly recommend F&W. – Terry, Google Review
A  vinyl fence installation by F&W fence company
Amazing customer service, fantastic product. – Brian, Google Review
A vinyl fence installation by F&W  fence company
A vinyl fence installation by F&W  fence company

F&W Fence Co. Provides Everything You Need from a Albany, Oregon Vinyl Fence Installation Company

Quality materials. Services we stand behind. A full spectrum of options. Affordable prices. That’s what you get when you choose Albany, OR vinyl fencing contractors like F&W Fence Co.

Our Albany, Oregon Vinyl Fencing Contractors FAQ

How long do vinyl fences last?

Well-maintained vinyl fences can last between 20 and 30 years.

Are vinyl fences a good investment?

Based on how long they last, if they are well-built and fit the design aesthetic of your area, vinyl fences are a great investment. They are reasonably priced and look good for the long term, adding privacy and value to your property. But a note of caution: make sure you get a quality vinyl fence. You get what you pay for, and if you try to cut corners, you will probably pay for it.

Which is better: a PVC fence or a vinyl fence?

The best answer is neither, because they are practically the same thing. Sometimes people call them “PVC vinyl fences.” The only technical difference seems to be that PVC is an ingredient in vinyl.

Is vinyl fencing cheaper than wood fencing?

Wood is cheaper up front (depending on the cost of wood and plastic at the time you are reading this), but will likely require staining, painting, or replacement earlier due to rot. Vinyl fence materials are not subject to the same degree of wear and tear, thus there are lower maintenance costs.

Do vinyl fences break easily? Does vinyl fencing get brittle?

The answer to this depends on the quality of vinyl fencing in question. Quality vinyl fence material is UV resistant, and will remain flexible over the course of its life in high and low temperatures. This makes it resistant to breaking (though it will bend). But if your vinyl fence does break, the good news is it’s usually easy to replace the broken part.

How do you care for vinyl fencing?

The only thing you should need to do to vinyl fencing over the normal course of its life is wash it regularly (either by hand or with a pressure washer). This will keep your vinyl fence looking like new for a long time to come.

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