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F&W Fence Co. is a trusted name in iron fencing for Canby, OR. Our team does custom design creations as well as installations. As Canby, OR wrought iron fence contractors, we produce high-quality, beautiful iron fencing that offers significant curb appeal and heightened security. More than just a steel fence company, we also supply DIYers with ornamental iron panels, posts, and accessories. If you have questions about metal fencing or would like an estimate, contact us today!
  ornamental iron fence installation by F&W fence company
An ornamental iron fence installation by F&W  steel fence contractors

Beautiful, Distinctive, Secure Wrought Iron Fencing

Enjoy the timeless elegance of ornamental iron. Made from steel or aluminum, our metal fencing adapts to virtually any terrain with an array of customizable options to fit your unique sense of style and purpose. Wrought iron is attractive and strong. With a limited 20-year warranty and the ability to withstand the toughest elements, this style of fencing is perfect for security while still allowing for a great view of your surroundings. It is excellent for your home, garden, swimming pool, and deck railing. With so many styles and sizes to choose from, this product has limitless possibilities for any Canby, OR wrought iron fence installation project. Beyond the classic wrought iron style, there are other forms of metal fencing that you may be interested in. To schedule a consultation, call F&W Fence Co. now!

What People Have to Say about Our Iron Fence Projects

I got a timely response to my request for estimate; he made an appointment and showed up when expected, asked questions about what type of fence I wanted, told me what to expect for when they could do the job (they were very busy). I received the estimate with full details within the expected time, they answered any questions I had…they showed up when promised, removed old fence and hauled it away, put in new fence. – Angie’s List Review
An ornamental iron fence installation by F&W  fence company
An ornamental iron fence installation by F&W  fence company
I have contracted 4 other contractors during this time: one other about the fence, 3 about some roofing repairs. My experience with contractors has not been good: some don’t respond to requests for estimates, some don’t show up to look at the job, one didn’t respond when I accepted the estimate…F&W Fence Co was courteous, responsive and professional in every step, and a joy to work with. – Angie’s List Review
  ornamental iron fence installation by F&W fence company
An ornamental iron fence installation by F&W  steel fence contractors

F&W Fence Co. Provides Everything You Need from Canby, Oregon Wrought Iron Fence Contractors

Quality materials. Services we stand behind. A full spectrum of options. Affordable prices. That’s what you get when you choose Oregon, OR wrought iron fence contractors like F&W Fence Co.

Our Canby, OR Wrought Iron Fence Contractors FAQ

How much do iron fences cost per foot?

The cost does depend on the current pricing of the material. This does not take into account the pricing variation due to the cost of the supporting pillars, gates, etc.

How do you fix a broken iron gate?

That depends on what’s wrong with it! If the structure itself is broken, new pieces can potentially be welded in. This may need to be done while the gate is off its hinges.

Are there other kinds of metal fences beyond wrought iron?

Yes, there are all kinds of modern options available, some of which provide more privacy than a traditional wrought iron design.

Is an iron fence cheaper than wood?

No, it is not. Iron is typically going to be several times more expensive than a wood fence.

How do you fix wrought iron without welding?

Epoxy may be an option, but short of welding, you cannot count of the fix you perform being able to stand the test of time. Rather than going this route, get a free quote to see what it will take to fix the problem correctly.

How do you maintain a wrought iron fence?

Every 10 years or so, plan to scrub and paint your iron fence to remove rust and prevent it from forming again. If you have a small fence, you may be able to use a quality spray paint. Otherwise, you may want to hire a professional painter for the work, as it will be time-consuming.

How long will a wrought iron fence last?

About 60 years. If well-maintained, perhaps it can last even longer.

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